Inspiring creativity and encouraging personal and social change through the arts

The Prison Arts Foundation is as important as it is unique. Thanks to our pioneering work with people with convictions lives are being transformed and patterns of behaviour changed for good.

Our team of experienced professional artists working across the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland are offering people with convictions a life-line, helping to improve their creative and communications skills, which is key to personal and social development, building self-confidence and unlocking people’s potential.

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Writing (Poetry)


We almost trampled out your gaze upon the stars,

that night

we stopped

stunned and staring down

silent in the ghostliness

sea mist veiled the prison yard

you didn’t flinch

and we admire courage here. 


I stooped

placed your pluckiness

in the cold palm of my hand

and wondered how you wandered

into our world.


Fortune favoured your bravery

it was me

who picked you up

placed you down

and pointed out the leap to freedom.


We walked on in silence

in the sea mist

in the prison yard

where we trespassed

upon each other that night

my friend and I.

HMP Magilligan

Rose Simpson Gold Award for Poetry Collection, Koestler Arts, 2020

Showcased at No Lockdown in the Imagination exhibition, Southbank Centre London, Koestler Arts, 2020

Anthology- Going Equipped with a Pen

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