Inspiring creativity and encouraging personal and social change through the arts

The Prison Arts Foundation is as important as it is unique. Thanks to our pioneering work with people with convictions lives are being transformed and patterns of behaviour changed for good.

Our team of experienced professional artists working across the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland are offering people with convictions a life-line, helping to improve their creative and communications skills, which is key to personal and social development, building self-confidence and unlocking people’s potential.

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2015 NI exhibition at Crumlin Road Gaol

Curated by PAF artists in residence

Launch date: Monday 16th November 7:30pm, by invitation only

Opened by Sue McAllister Director General, Northern Ireland Prison Service

Reception – Governor Corridor

Exhibition – Circle and C-wing

The main exhibition opens to the public from 17th – 29th November in the scullery area.

Visitor Attraction & Conference Centre, 53-55 Crumlin Road, Belfast, BT14 6ST

Journey presents a selection of works in an amazing variety of media created over the past year by men and women held in Northern Ireland’s prisons as well as those on non-custodial community sentences.

We hope that you, the viewer will see that participation in the arts is a powerful learning tool and catalyst for the personal and social transformation of an individual. Alongside the artistic work produced, participation in these creative arts projects has engaged offenders in a constructive activity which PAF believe assists personal development through the promotion of positive relationships, the tolerance and acceptance of others, collaborative group work and self-reflection. Our projects aim to bring about a reduction in re-offending through the development of new skills, artistic and transferable, which assist employment and community integration.

Audience comments –

“Wow! What expression of talent… Congrats to PAF and participants. Would love to be able to create opportunities, post release to inspire our clients.”

“A fantastic collection of art from a group of underappreciated artists. A fabulous project giving opportunities to showcase such works to the public. Well done PAF.”

“Excellent exhibition, the quality of work is the best PAF show I have seen. The range of medium subject and style is fantastic. The poetry is deep and meaningful and displayed very well. Many of these are remarkable works and I hope you keep up with this upon release.”

“Great idea, and genuinely, some incredible work. There’s an artist in us all. I had the fortunate pleasure to unbiasedly view the work before I knew who and where it came from. Art is for all.”

“One of the most impressive art exhibitions I have seen in a long time. Creativity and talent jumps from every piece.”