Our mentoring is designed to support people who have experience of the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland and who have a keen interest in the arts  and want to develop their practice in the community. 
We will have two different mentoring pathways offering unique and bespoke support.  All mentees will be matched with a PAF Arts mentor who will work with them on a one-to-one basis to identify the goals they would like to achieve in the arts and have regular mentoring sessions to realise these.
First Step Mentoring:  This pathway is open to anyone who has had experience of the criminal justice system – regardless of whether they have previously entered or won Koestler or Listowel Awards, or have an existing body of work.
A PAF Arts mentor will help the mentee identify what specific support they would like to get from the mentoring scheme e.g. applying to further education, finding their way around their local arts community, and with the support of the Prison Arts Foundation, decide upon a timeframe and number of mentoring sessions through which they can achieve these goals.  Mentees can receive 2 – 7 mentoring sessions and will plan the frequency of these sessions with their mentor.
Creative Futures mentoring: This pathway is designed to support either Koestler or Listowel Award-winners who would like to develop their practice in the community or in custody or those who have an existing body of work.
Mentees will seek the support of a mentor in developing their skills e.g. building their portfolio, identifying with other arts opportunities, disseminating their work.  Mentees commit to having 10 mentoring sessions with their mentor over a 12 month period.
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