The Epileptic Storm By BL

Why oh why do I have to cry
When all around me is starting to fly
Some days I’m low and cannot go
But how this happens
I do not know.
When a fit takes place my whole world stops
back to norm I feel like I’ve been in a storm
but how & why this storm began
I’ll never explain to
any man why I been in an epileptic fit
not knowing what’s going on in my world.
What must have happened when I was at home
and now that I’m in jail on my own.
The way my world always goes black
and how confused I feel when I come back.
How the staff in this prison town don’t
understand what I’m going round.
The medical staff who give my tablets out
and the officers who have to shout
when they find me lying down
and shaking in the middle of my dark town.