PAF mark Tom McGonigle’s retirement with art work painted by a student in Hydebank Wood College

Tom McGonigle has always appreciated the work we at the Prison Arts Foundation undertake with offenders within the Criminal Justice System in Northern Ireland.  With this in mind PAF commissioned a student who engages in our visual art workshops in Hydebank Wood College to create a piece of art to mark Tom’s retirement from his role as Prisoner Ombudsman for Northern Ireland.

Tom McGonigle Presentation 01
We wish Tom a long and happy retirement.  PAF’s Executive Director, Fred Caulfield, was privileged to present Tom with the finished piece of art.  Tom kindly submitted the following comment in PAF’s 2017/2020 Strategic Plan:-
“I am a strong supporter of the work of the Prison Arts Foundation because I have seen the benefits it delivers in each of our prisons. Many people have developed talents that were otherwise latent; and their work has been displayed with pride, winning awards and public admiration. The PAF has been creative and flexible in responding to prisoners’ interests, supporting traditional and innovative art formats. It has brought colour, music and energy into prison life, and the therapeutic benefits of its contribution are significant. I endorse the strategic plan for 2017-2020. It is worthy of financial and moral support and I wish everyone well who participates in PAF activities.”