Not Ghetto or Hood Just Misunderstood By DMcK

I no longer listen to what I hear on the street
I’m back to myself and I think on my feet
I lived my life selling Q’s on the street
Honey’s on my arm as we cruise to the beat
Rhythm in time and beats on the floor
The game was my life but simply no more
Banged up in a cell—a prisoner of the state
A convicted armed robber; some call it fate
The haters in my life—trust me there’s many
Would sink you like a ship for the sake of a penny
To break that cycle I know what to do
Aim a little higher, be sincere and true
I want to move out of my 3 up 3 down
Ditch the place that has brought me down
I want my family to live a better life
The answers don’t lie with a gun or a knife
The answer lies with knowledge— its power
Plan for the future, not live for the hour
Drugs and drink is no longer the game
I’ve felt the crack in the window, trust me it’s pain
Honour your thoughts and aim for the sky
Live your life clean, it becomes the new high
No more nights on the sofa or days in my bed
Seize the moment and paint the town red
Find a girl that is loyal and true
And maybe she’ll bring out the goodness in you
Don’t put yourself down as others will do
Forget all the gangsters, your family’s your crew
They are the crew that is there to the end
Decky, you’re not just my bro
You’re my very good friend
Do me a favour and get off the drugs
Ditch the loser mates, the so called thugs
They’re only your friends when times are good
Because we both know what it’s like in the hood
I’ve struggled, you’ve struggled, you know what I mean
Change it for Tiernan, you know where we’ve been
I want you to learn from mistakes that I’ve made
Focus on the future—bad memories will fade
Live your life positive—your dreams you’ll achieve
But in order to get them you have to believe.