Norn Iron a Wee Country with Big Personalitics and Weird Laws by LS

This wee country we call home is a divided nation but when it comes to tragedies or disasters we rally round as one, as we have big hearts and souls, but not many know that one in every 128 people here is a millionaire. A remarkable fact there are 14,000 in the country. Some are famous such as Eddie Irvine retired Formula One driver now a property developer worth £80m. Roma Downey, Derry born actress, famous for playing Monica in the CBS series Touched by an Angel, is worth £375m. Liam Neeson an actor from Ballymena worth £80m, to note a few.
Here are some weird facts about us, Chinese (mandarin) is the most widely spoken minority language in Norn Iron. Under 16s make up 25% of the population—-that’s more than anywhere else in United Kingdom. The Marketing of Potatoes Act 1964 states that a constable may seize and detain in custody any potatoes which are being or which are suspected of being sent out of Northern Ireland. Yes, this law is still in place so don’t be packing them alongside your lotions and swim wear! On average it rains 157 days of the year in Belfast, that’s less than Scotland. Game of Thrones employs more locals than the civil service. Belfast Zoo is the home to the only group of purple-faced langurs in Europe—all the more reason to visit.
There is an annual bog snorkelling competition. God Save the Queen is the national anthem. The pound sterling is the currency so all you English  please take note. The best known delicacy is the Ulster fry with bacon, eggs, fried tomato, potato bread, soda bread, mushrooms, black pudding and sausage. Famous writers include C.S Lewis.
Were you aware that a sheet of ice covered Northern Ireland for most of the last ice age? Some of the world’s best sports stars are from here. Like the late Alex (Sandy) Higgins and George Best. Tony McCoy, Darren Clarke,  Rory McIlroy, Denis Taylor and Eddie Irvine to name a few. In Whites’ Tavern, one of the oldest taverns in Belfast Henry Joy McCracken who was found guilty of treason was taken off to be hanged. In High Street he stopped to have a last drink before he met his fate. If you go to the cinema on a Sunday you can be fined up to £50 under the Sunday Observation Act. These are just some of the interesting facts about our wee country.