Honour in French Fields by LS

A nation called up their men and boys
In line not knowing what fate had in store
Heading to a foreign field to fight and bleed
Sacrifice their lives with their will never yielding,
Preparing in muddy wet trench fighting off
Lice and the stench! Drying of boots on an
Open fire to keep trench foot at bay—July 1st
Was the day given a shot of strong rum
To make nerves go numb, with men of all kinds
From dockers to doctors united
Fought with honour in French Fields, a band
Of brothers as one—0730 came the command
Over the top, go go don’t stop with a
Look of terror in their eyes, shells going
Off all around leaving massive craters in the
Thick muddy ground—with a smell of gunpowder
Thick in the air from heavy rain of machine
Gun fire! Deadly mowing down of the tired brave
Troops, pandemonium all around no man’s land
Heaped with bodies on German wire, it was dire
Dodging fearsome hot lead as friends and neighbours
Drop down dead, a field of blood and sorrow!
The total human cost 419,654 injured and
127,751 British dead! These brave men and boys
Gave up lives and limbs so you and I
Can have the freedom of our tomorrow
Lest we forget them.