Board & Staff

We are wedded to the principles of partnership and transparency but we are strongly of the view that the Prison Arts Foundation is unique in its role within the criminal justice setting. Its independence and art interventions by contracted professional artists have won awards nationally and internationally alongside recognition as a model of good practice within the European criminal justice community. It is a catalyst for rehabilitation and provides a conduit back into education for many who may not have had the best experiences at school.

Those serving custodial sentences learn to learn through participation and improvement in activities that bring colour into the prison environment. All the essential skills and employability skills are present in the personal and social transformation associated with the creative process as well as increased self esteem. Partnerships with other organisations and charities have produced work that has supported victims’ groups and other good causes but ultimately the majority of work finds its way back to prisoner families and communities. For over 5 years PAF have also worked with those serving non-custodial sentences and have a recognised presence in the Probation Board of Northern Ireland’s Inspire Women’s Project offering a series of workshops to women under probation supervision.

We fully subscribe to the belief that our performance will and should be visible and measurable by others; this plan, together with our annual business plan, will facilitate us and others to gauge whether or not we are delivering what we have set out to accomplish. The ultimate success factor in relation to our endeavours rests on the enthusiasm, commitment, hard work and loyalty of our staff and the artists we engage to deliver our programmes. Of equal importance is the willingness of all others within the criminal justice system to work with us in the pursuit of common goals.

Oliver Brannigan


  • Oliver Brannigan, Chairman
    Former Chief Executive Probation Board Northern Ireland
  • Harold Baird, Treasurer
    FCMA, CGMA, Management Accounting and Business Adviser
  • Geoff Moore
    Former Head of Learning & Skills, Lisburn Adult Education Centre Maghaberry Prison
  • Tom McKeever
    Former Head of Learning & Skills, Magilligan Prison
  • Bríd Ó Gallchoir                                                                                         Artistic Director at Aisling Ghéar                                                                                                                       


  • Mr Jimmy Boyle
  • Mr Brian Keenan
  • Dr Sue Jennings