About Us

Prison Arts Foundation (PAF) is a registered charity that seeks to provide access to the arts for those people who have offended in Northern Ireland.
Our mission is to inspire  creativity and encourage personal and social change in offenders within the criminal justice system, through the arts
Our aim is to release the creative potential of those previously excluded or from marginalised communities, those serving custodial and community sentences. We contract professional artists and practitioners to engage, teach, enthuse and give inspiration to participants in inclusive and tolerant workshops in a variety of art forms.

Our vision is of a criminal justice system where all its stakeholders value PAF’s work as a crucial element of the rehabilitation process and everyone has the opportunity to positively channel their creative energies and talents through the arts
The following values underpin all aspects of PAF’s work. All staff, artists and trustees are expected to uphold and promote these values
  • Excellence : All our activities should be carried out to the highest ethical and professional standards
  • Capacity for Change : Everyone has the capacity for change. The arts are a powerful tool for change
  • Respect : Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect
  • Responsibility : Each person is responsible and accountable for their own actions. PAF artists are honest in all their dealings with prisoners and promote responsibility for their actions.
  • Focused : Arts programmes should respond effectively to the needs, interests and talents of participants. PAF’s role is to support participants in their unique creative journey
  • Collaboration : The PAF is much more effective when working in close partnership with its key stakeholders