The Prison Arts Foundation was founded as a charitable trust in November 1996 after extensive discussions between our main stakeholders the Northern Ireland Prison Service, the Probation Board for Northern Ireland, the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, the Community Relations Council and the Community Arts Forum.

Its aims are to create, both individually and in partnership, access to the arts for all prisoners, ex-prisoners, young offenders and ex-young offenders in Northern Ireland. 

"Change is at the heart of rehabilitation and participation in the arts is a powerful learning tool and catalyst for the personal and social transformation of an individual.

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What's New

    Journey presents a selection of works in an amazing variety of media created over the past year by men and women held in Northern Ireland’s prisons as well as those on non-custodial community sentences.

    Monday 16th November 2015 7:30pm, by invitation only
    Opened by Sue McAllister Director General
    Northern Ireland Prison Service
    Reception – Governor Corridor
    Exhibition – Circle and C-wing
    The main exhibition opens to the public from 17th – 29th November in the scullery area.